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Our Story

We are family owned business located near Vancouver, Canada.

You’ll find a delicious line of freshly prepared signature kimchi and other fermented food with fresh ingredients. It has been Canada’s best kimchi destination for over 2 decades since 1992, Jinmi Foods boasts one of the best recipes best knowns for its specialized and many variety of hard to find gourmet ready-to-eat kimchi.

We try to source fresh local produce whenever we can to support our local community. Every jar of kimchi is carefully handmade using our secret authentic recipe.

Since opening in 1992, our goal has been to provide the freshest kimchi with high quality ingredients to the Vancouver community. Using our passion, dedication, experience and knowledge of kimchi, we know we will continue to be the top choice for JINMI KIMCHI in Vancouver. We love KIMCHI and are proud of our  products we sell!

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